Best Free Chrome Video Downloaders

Trying to find a working, legit video downloader addon from Chrome’s webstore can be a crapshoot and frustrating. Not only because of outdated plugins, fake reviews and crippled functionality hidden behind a premium version, but because different extensions can have the same or very similar names. In my research for this post I came across three distinct video downloader add-ons all using the name ‘Video Downloader Professional’. That really complicates things when trying to look for a particular video downloader add-on.

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Bypass Geo-Restricted Media

If you like to watch videos online from various parts of the world, you’ll likely run into some problems eventually. Namely: Geo-blocked content. Here’s a guide you can use to help get around restrictions on Geo-protected content, in many cases, so that you can enjoy the content you’re looking for.

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Download Audio From Youtube

There are a lot of songs, song variations and even full concerts on Youtube that aren’t available for streaming through the large list of music streaming services. You don’t always have the option of streaming Youtube videos for the music, and if you’re on a limited mobile-data plan through your phone service, unless you’re paying the $9.99/month for the premium version of Youtube Music, you’ll have to stream entire videos just to enjoy the audio that you want to listen to.

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