Best Free Chrome Video Downloaders

Trying to find a working, legit video downloader addon from Chrome’s webstore can be a crapshoot and frustrating. Not only because of outdated plugins, fake reviews and crippled functionality hidden behind a premium version, but because different extensions can have the same or very similar names. In my research for this post I came across three distinct video downloader add-ons all using the name ‘Video Downloader Professional’. That really complicates things when trying to look for a particular video downloader add-on.

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Bypass Geo-Restricted Media

If you like to watch videos online from various parts of the world, you’ll likely run into some problems eventually. Namely: Geo-blocked content. Here’s a guide you can use to help get around restrictions on Geo-protected content, in many cases, so that you can enjoy the content you’re looking for.

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