Site Updates – April 2021

I haven’t updated the site much in almost a year. In part because I’ve been busy — with all the shutdowns and quarantining at home, I’ve been much busier at work than normal. Also, updating the lists on this site is cumbersome, to say the least. Not only are the lists added and managed through a separate script and database, then manually imported here, but I am writing new code / functions for each list type created. Very time consuming.

You may notice when you login that a new cookie is set. Maybe not, but it’s there. This will allow me to display the lists without having to export/import into WordPress. Ratings will be automated. As active membership grows, I have a few more plans to improve the usefulness of this site for registered users.

If you have any suggestions on lists you want to see, let me know. Once I have the base layout going, I plan to add a lot more to the existing lists.

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