Last Updated: April 25, 2021

We encourage visitors who want to submit a comment to use a pseudonym rather than their real name. You are not required to submit a name or email address in order to submit a comment on this website.

While IP addresses are captured by the WordPress platform by default, this site uses a WordPress plugin to anonymize the commenter’s IP address.

Visitors who leave comments with a valid email address can request removal of their information at any time. Simply send an email to [email protected] from the email address used to make the comment on this website, and we will remove your personal information within 7 business days. Once that happens, we will immediately delete your email.

If you cannot send us an email from the email address used to make a comment on this site, we literally have zero ways to verify you control the specified email address. Therefore, any comment information removal requests coming from email addresses not showing up in the comment history on this website will be promptly deleted.

TL;DR – Summary

Information collected is used for the betterment of this website’s goals and functions. At every point where you can supply information to this website or website owner, we recommend that this information isn’t tied to your real name. Email addresses must be valid if submitted for signup or support, otherwise you will never receive whatever it is that you submitted your email address for, but usernames, etc — we don’t care unless it’s offensive. Unless you sign up for some kind of newsletter or mailing list explicitly, we won’t send marketing-type messages to your email address.

This website links to third-party sites, and some of them are recommendations for various purposes. You’ll need to do your own research on the privacy polices of those sites if you choose to visit them or use them for some purpose.

To the extent possible and practical, this website is a self-contained unit. We do not use third-party trackers nor have some ad-network code running in the background. We have internal tracking, but that is, again, to use for the betterment of this website.

At the end of the day, we take no interest in the specifics of any visitor or member activities unless they’re causing problems of some kind.

Information we collect


This website collects information about your visits to this website through a self-hosted analytics program. This information includes, but is not limited to, geographic location, web browser, operating system, the type of device you’re using to access this website and which pages you visit on this website. Our analytics program is setup to anonymize your IP address, as is shown below:

This information is used in aggregate to improve this website’s content and to identify potential problem spots on this website. This information is stored for up to one year and is only accessible by the website owner. None of the information is collected is personally identifiable. This information is not shared with or sold to third parties. There are no removal procedures for this information as there’s no way to tie any individual to any specific activity on this website

If you’d rather not contribute to helping us improve this website’s content, you can opt out of this:


This website uses a third-party software firewall to help protect this website against malicious activities. This software is setup to store security-related events only (logins, failed logins, potentially malicious behavior), and this information includes, but may not be limited to, IP addresses, pages visited and the geographic region of the visitor triggering the logged event. Up to 3,500 records are kept until they cycle out or records are automatically deleted after 30 days, whichever comes first. Only the website owner has access to these records.

This information, if ever looked at by a human, is solely collected as a means to protect this website from malicious activity. As this software was developed by a third-party, we do not control what kind of information it collects. However, the sole purpose of this software is to automatically block people or scripts from doing bad things and harming this website, and any information collected is only used for this purpose, is very limited, and is kept for 30 days or less. Because of the very short timeframe any information is accessible and the fact we have no means to verify the identity of any visitor to remove information about their visit, there are no removal procedures possible.

Visitor / Member List Links

Clicks to list links are tracked, but only on a per-list basis. The database table is setup as such:

We do not track the ID of the link clicked, rather that a link on a specific list was clicked. The primary purpose of tracking clicks here is to identify potential abuse to deal with it. These records are kept for 30 days and deleted automatically. At some point in the future we will implement a way to track clicks for each specific link, but no identifying information will be tied to these records.


Some content on this website is only viewable with an account on DownloadSRC. As such, we allow visitors to sign up to view this content. In order to register successfully, you must supply a username and a valid email address. This email address is used to verify your identity when signing up or logging in and to send you account-related information from the system. We may occasionally offer giveaways to members, which information regarding will be published on the website publicly. In these events, we will notify members via their email address on file. We have zero plans or interest in using website member information for marketing purposes. We took the effort to setup the “member’s only content” functions to protect the content we’re sharing, not because we’re looking for a marketing venue.

We highly recommend that you pick a username that is unique to this website. This is a recommended tip for every website. We also recommend that you do not use your primary email address when signing up for this website or any similar website.

At any time members can delete their account and thus information we have access to about them from within the member’s area. At the bottom of the user profile page, there’s a big, red button that says, “Delete My Account”.

Actions by logged-in members of this website may be personally identifiable to the extent that a username and email address is personally identifiable (thus, we recommend using new usernames, non-primary email addresses). We have no reason to or interest in looking into an account or any specific user’s activity unless there’s suspicious behavior tied to the account.

Custom membership functions

Members may have access to functions that fall outside of the common WordPress-blog-type functionality. For instance, members may have the option of saving favorites, adding notes about sites and creating their own site categories for easier use. Any member-submitted content such as category names and site notes use on-the-fly encryption at the application level for an extra measure of privacy. As of April 2021 this encryption uses a server-side key to encrypt data. Use of a member-supplied encryption key will be considered in future releases. Unless the member is actively interacting with the custom data, it is encrypted.

Further, the database that provides custom membership functions contains no personally-identifiable information about members. Instead, members are identified by an ID that is assigned after logging into the main website. There are no mechanisms in place to associate a member ID in the custom membership functions with the main website, which contains a username and email address. Unless deemed necessary due to fraud or abuse, we will not create any such functions. We do not care who you are or what you do so long as you’re not causing trouble for this website or other users.

Mailing Lists

We do not presently offer a mailing list. When this happens, our privacy policy will be updated.