Site Updates – April 2021

I haven’t updated the site much in almost a year. In part because I’ve been busy — with all the shutdowns and quarantining at home, I’ve been much busier at work than normal. Also, updating the lists on this site is cumbersome, to say the least. Not only are the lists added and managed through a separate script and database, then manually imported here, but I am writing new code / functions for each list type created. Very time consuming.

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Safety and Privacy Tips for Online Downloads

If you’re not yet aware, “free downloads” sites and free video-streaming sites can be some of the worst websites to visit from a privacy and safety perspective. I’m not talking about popular, legal mainstream sites and services like Youtube, Hulu, Amazon Prime or download sites like Filehippo, Snapfiles and Sourceforge. Rather, sites that may operate in a legal grey area or may offer content illegally, depending on where you live: such as those that allow downloads or streaming without the copyright owner’s permission. These are the types of sites where you’re more likely to pick up malware, viruses or adware.

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Site of the Day – TV and Movie Downloads

Today’s site is a resource for TV episodes, complete TV series and movies. I stumbled upon it while looking for new sources an upcoming resource list, and straight away I found some TV series that I had patched together over the years between DVDs, and some weirdly-cropped Dailymotion videos. I think I even had a Youtube video spliced together from partial episodes in there.

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