Membership Info & FAQ

This website has a membership option. Here’s what you need to know about it before signing up. This page covers the terms and conditions for membership.

Purpose of membership

The majority of the posts, resources, how-to guides, etc on this website are available to the public: no membership required. However, there are certain pages and sections of pages that are hidden from the public view and only available to members. There are two primary reasons for that.

#1 – to protect resources / information

Search engines, at the behest of governments and private companies, have made it more difficult to find files that people want to download. Also, websites, in an effort to protect themselves legally, have made it more difficult to find files that they, themselves, host on their servers. Personally, I think it’s more difficult to find files today than it was 10 years ago.

Considering this, if I think certain information or software or resources should be kept from the general public because promoting this information or these tools may increase the chances of them being taken offline or shutting down, then I may make this information available to logged-in members only. This sounds more spectacular and maybe even exciting than it is, but I don’t want me writing about some tool or website to help lead to the ending of some useful resource.

#2 – to minimize server load

Some of the information I share will be lists of websites. Based on past experience, when you share a list of information in table format that may be useful to others, it gets scraped. I used to run a proxy site where I shared working proxies for various purposes: bots and scrapers destroyed my good will until I just abandoned the project entirely. While I may have to deal with scrapers, it’s a lot easier when requiring a valid login.

Membership costs

Presently, membership is free. If at some point there’s a substantial amount of members-only content or possibly I have something that I feel I need to charge for, there may be a paid option.

Membership content

Generally speaking, members content is just information. Resources that aren’t made available to the public for the reasons outlined above. As of March 1, 2020, there is near-nothing in the member’s area outside of a few additional video streaming resources. That will increase over time. Possibly I will setup a page that highlights content available to members only.

Membership requirements

In order to become a member, you need a valid email address and will have to supply a username and password. Ideally you should pick a unique username for this site and use a non-primary email address. You can use a throwaway email address if you want, but it needs to accept email otherwise you can’t signup and you won’t be able to reset or recover your password.

Membership & “opt in” emails

You will not get marketing messages by signing up for an account. Those go out in mailing lists and newsletters that you specifically must sign up for. Unless you contact me or possibly have won something in a giveaway (which will happen from time to time), you will never receive a message due to this website outside of system-generated emails for logging in / signing up.

Cancelling Membership

The easiest way to cancel your membership is to login to your account, visit your profile page, and at the bottom of the page there’s a big, red button that says “Delete My Account”.

Also, you can send an email to [email protected] from the account email and I’ll delete any information this website has connected to that email address. Which, that’d be an account and any comments submitted by that email. If you have an account but don’t have access to the email address used to create the account, there is no way to verify your identity and such removal requests will be ignored.