New: Multihoster Search, More

I’ve been silently working on the site, adding more features, lists and options.

Most notably, you can now search the multihoster / debrid list for supported filehosting sites:

Eventually I will figure out a way to incorporate the multihoster list into the filehosters site list as well.

List link opening

All of the lists now contain a link to open in a new window and one where you can open in the same window. The [↗] link to the left of the site name:

I was torn on how to handle the default behavior, and it was easy enough to include both.

Modified date

This may only be applicable for desktop / laptop users at this time, not sure how or if the attribute is viewable on mobile, but you can see the last-modified date on most lists by hovering over the site name:

This is useful in knowing how old information for a particular listing might be. If I can figure it out without taking up too much realestate, I’ll display this information in the table. Not all lists have this yet, but all will going forward, and I’ll eventually update the older lists as well.

Site speed / caching

I changed the caching system this site uses, which appears to have substantially increased the load times for the site overall. If you’re having problems with speed, please do let me know, though to the extent possible and affordable, I’ll try to have this site’s speed acceptable for most of the world.

Daily list ratings updates

Previously, site ratings were only updated when I imported an updated copy of the list to the local database. However, I made some changes so that site ratings are updated a couple of times per day without needing to import the site lists.

I expect to have many more updates in the near future, but this is most of what I’ve been working on in the past month.

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