Direct Downloads Sites List

A list of sites that offer various direct downloads. TV shows, movies, games, eBooks, software, apps and more.

These particular sites provide downloads using filehosting sites. Which, this could include sites like Rapidgator,, Nitroflare, Google Drive, Mediafire and more. Each site may use a different filehosting site, many sites use multiple different filehosting sites.

Buying a premium account or using a premium link generator may help you speed up downloads considerably. Linksnappy, and is a premium link generator, and I think they’d be a good service, depending on which filehosting sites you’re downloading from.

You can find a breakdown for the current categories below. Eventually I’ll remove this page, but it’s here for archive purposes.

Once you’re logged into your account, you can find the new sitelists here:

Unless otherwise specified, websites and downloads are in English.

  • Movies – Movies of all types, older and new releases
  • TV Shows – New and old TV shows, some full TV series, depending on the site
  • Apps – This represents apps, as in mobile apps and other types of software. PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Varies by site
  • Music – Mostly full albums, but will vary by site
  • eBooks – Digital books. Could be reference material, magazines or other print publications transferred to digital format. Usually .pdf
  • Games – Games for PC, Android and iOS mostly, but could be more, depending on the service.
  • Foreign – Non-English movies, mostly. Languages will vary by website. These are English-language websites offering a smaller selection of Non-English films, not foreign-language websites.
  • Anime – Movies and TV shows on some limited sources
  • Adult – Websites offering limited categories containing adult media. At least when the sites were added, no website should be adult-content focused. If so, please report it.