2 Replies to “Uploaded.net Premium Downloader”

  1. bullshit, you register and then nothing to download until you don’t pay a rate.
    and next who knows what else need to pay more and more.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re saying. I’ve not tried in 2021, but I tried several times to register previously (2020) when my once-active account no longer worked. I did not get the signup email, which at that time was required to move forward with logging in / completing registration.

      Maybe they’ve changed things / improved, or maybe they don’t or didn’t accept US-based registrations, but at the time this was written and previously, I had no faith in buying a premium account from them directly — registration was too unpredictable and at the time, useless. They appear to still be up and going though as I’ll find ul.to download links from time to time.

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