Disable Youtube “Video Paused” Popup

I’ve been listening to music using YouTube as a background streaming service for years. However, recently I’ve been hit with a new annoyance: a popup stating: “Video Paused. Continue Watching?” With a little button you need to click to continue streaming music:

Annoying Youtube feature to disrupt background streaming

Even though I’m sure this “feature” is probably some kind of a money-saving effort on YouTube’s part, it’s pretty annoying for those of us who rely on the service for background tunes while working or cleaning, or even to stream white or pink noise at night for improved sleep.

This autoplay interrupting popup has become so prevalent that, thankfully, somebody has developed a working browser addon to fix this unwanted behavior.

YouTube NonStop

Some person with the username lawfx developed a Chrome and Firefox addon for this problem:

I can’t vouch for the Firefox version, but the Chrome version seems to work so far. I’m assuming that you can run this on any Chromium-based browser, and it should work on Opera as well, as you can install Chrome plugins in Opera.

With a little planning and effort, YouTube could actually turn this into a user setting to allow us to choose the, “are you there”, “video paused” timeout period. I know this sounds a little entitled, but since users are developing tools to circumvent the feature altogether, it might be worth considering on their end. With 1.9 billion users logging in each month, I’m certain there are a fair number of them who would be willing to set an automatic timer on their account to help cut down on unnecessary background video streaming.

January 2020: – Despite some reviews stating otherwise, this is no longer working for me in Chrome. However, it appears to be working in Firefox. Possibly something unique to my setup, but wanted to pass on the update.

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2 Replies to “Disable Youtube “Video Paused” Popup”

  1. Have you read this under the “YouTube NonStop” description?

    ” ***Important: This extension doesn’t keep the confirmation box from popping up. It only counters it. Such as un-pausing the video when paused and auto-clicking the confirmation box.*** ”

    So, it’s not working the way yut think it does..

  2. You’re correct. I actually did not read the description, either, rather I use the plug / add-on in both Firefox and Chrome personally. When I wrote the article, I was more thinking of what I searched for to fix the problem and the reality of the popup staying in place escaped me in that moment. As soon as I’m able, I’ll rework the article so that part is accurate. However, to date, the plugins appear to still work in both browsers, and likely any Chromium offshoot, I’d expect.

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